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2015 was a great first year for LARRS. LARRS became incorporated and officially recognized as a 501(c)3 non-profit on March 31st. Since that time, our organization has helped several animals and people in need.


Here are some quick facts from 2015:


  • LARRS helped 18 rescue animals

  • 3 animals were successfully placed in  forever homes

  • LARRS helped 9 animals by providing owner education, in home training and trimming and clipping services


So far in 2016...


  • LARRS has helped 24 rescue animals

  • 2 animals have been adopted with 1 more pending applications

  • LARRS has helped 5 animals by providing owner educaiton, in home training and trimming and clippling services

  • LARRS has presented to over 300 students, teaching them about the exotic birds and reptiles in our care



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