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Want to be a part of the MAGIC that happens here at LARRS every day? Are you looking for an EXCITING opportunity in a challenging environment that is always changing? You've come to the right place!

Here at LARRS, we pride ourselves on our compassion and care of the animals in our custody as well as our ability to help others who may need assistance with their bird or reptile. A great attitude and willingness to constantly learn and grow is an integral part of our work. If this sounds like the kind of opportunity that you would enjoy, then you sound like our kind of person!

Fill out the application below to apply for a volunteer opportunity with our organization. Once we receive your application, we'll review it and get back to you as soon as we can.

Volunteer positions include:

  • Kitchen staff - help make all the goodies we feed the birds and reptiles every day

  • Remote volunteer - volunteer from your location to help us manage our PetFinder page, create animal care sheets, help market LARRS to potential donors and sponsors, write grants for LARRS, help with social media and other internet marketing platforms, and so much more!

  • Inventory maintenance - Help manage the donations we receive; clean, catalog and organize donations

  • Reptile keeper - Take care of the reptiles we have here at LARRS

  • Bird keeper - Take care of the birds we have here at LARRS

  • Snake handler - Take care of the snakes here at LARRS and snuggle some snakes

  • General help - Help where you are needed

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